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The Bridge

The Bridge

Design of a smart home energy monitoring device that talks to the internet.

May 2010


Current Cost

Tinker London and Connected Environments Ltd. have made the ‘Internet of Things’ for consumers a reality by partnering to develop Current Cost’s ‘Bridge’ device, a home energy monitoring product that transmits live energy data from electricity monitors to the Internet.

The ‘Bridge’ is an ethernet device designed by Tinker London to connect Current Cost electricity monitors for the first time directly to the Internet. By using (Connected Environments Ltd's web-based device-networking service) to manage the vast data flows, the ‘Bridge’ enables Current Cost customers to analyse their energy use via a website dashboard, on iPhones and other smart phones, and via Google’s energy service, Google PowerMeter.

Both partners announced the rollout of the new device at the Internet of Things Europe 2010 conference, held in Brussels.

The Bridge is now on sale through Current Cost.