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Lovely reviews since we started in 2007.


Opole (Polish TV), August 2010 Daniel Soltis is on Polish television for his work during one of our workshops

Gizmodo, August 2010, Hop! makes it on the popular tech blog

Spectator, July 2010 mentions iHockney in their article Through a Glass Brightly

Mobile Behaviour, May 2010, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino interviewed on the topic of Internet of Things

Advertising Age (blog), March 2010
Get ready for Twitter to Start Animating Machines


The Guardian Tech Weekly Podcast, October 2009
Tinker CEO Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino explains Arduino as part of Martha Lane Fox on digital inclusion, Arduino explained.

Evening Standard, September 2009
The Power of Tinkering with Gadgets

The Guardian, August 2009
Open-source hardware heralds greater creativity and What happened at the second Guardian hackday

Wired UK, July 2009
CEO Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is featured in the Profile section of the August 2009 print edition.

Internet Actu, June 2009
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino's talk at LIFT France featured in Les enjeux de la fabrication personnelle, an article on the impact of DIY and fabbing.

BBC News Magazine, June 2009
Senior Engineer Peter Knight featured in DIY Gadgetry, a video on the hackspace community in the UK

BBC News Technology, May 2009
Tech Know - Arduino for all, video and article shot in Tinker office featuring work from Tinker Senior Interaction designer Brock Craft and Senior Engineer Peter Knight.

Internet Actu, May 2009
Arduino est la passerelle entre le monde physique et ce qui se passe en ligne, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is interviewed about the role of Arduino in innovation, fabrication and design.

Wired Italy, March 2009
Workshop milanese con Arduino: Mr Banzi sale in cattedra. Coverage of our Milan-based training courses.

SwissInfo, February 2009
Lift, le rendez-vous des technophiles vise la France. Interview with CEO Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino about topics she will cover at LIFT in Marseilles

Wired Italy, February 2009
Hai un’idea geniale? Fai come Mr Arduino, regalala. E diventa ricco.


Wired Magazine, November 2008
Build it. Share it. Profit. Can Open Source Hardware work?

Digitmag, September 2008
Arduino: technologia made in italy

DR (radio), June 2008
Reboot 10: om 'free' som fænomen

La Repubblica (print), June 2008
Per Internet vincerà il modello Google

Evening Standard (blog), July 2008
Tinkering with technology.

The Evening Standard (print), July 2008
Roundabout is London's answer to Silicon Valley

Wired (blog), January 2008
Toy Hacking workshop

Cyberbodies (blog), January 2008
Kismet of a Toymaker: Tinkerer or Thinker?

NPR (radio), January 2008
For the fun of it: Toy Hacking. Interview with Massimo Banzi.

NPR, Bryant Park (blog), January 2008
The Night the Toys came to Life

Now Toronto (online), January 2008
Toy Hacking as a new form of art

CNet (online), January 2008
Demented Genius Award


Simon Frasier University, 2007
Interview with Massimo Banzi