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A series of products that connect the Nokia N900 with much-loved gadgets of the 1980s.

September 2009



Tinker collaborated with Hyper to create a series of interactive products that illustrate the power of the new Nokia N900 and Maemo software platform, showing ways that the phone is open and flexible for use by the creative communities. 

We built 4 discrete interventions, Rewind, using the theme of much-loved 1980s toys and products, to demonstrate different ways to interact with and repurpose the N900. These included:

  • Talk&Text: a Speak&Spell toy that can send text messages.
  • Leave a Message: a Rolodex that browses through the phone's contacts list.
  • Phone FM: a radio that plays music from in response to text messages. 
  • Now in 3D!: a Viewmaster that captures and displays 3D photos

We also developed an SDK to allow anyone to tinker with the phone and build their own projects.

During autumn 2009, Rewind was presented at the BFI for the PUSH N900 launch event, at Designersblock forLondon Digital Design week, and as part of the creative showcase for the C&binet Forum organised by the Department of Culture, Sport, and Media.