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A physical frame for David Hockney's iPod paintings.

March 2010


The Evening Standard

As 2009 drew to a close, we were approached by The Evening Standard to create a unique piece of design based on the work of a unique artist: David Hockney. Mr Hockney has consistently innovated, using unconventional modern devices such as the Polaroid instant photograph, the Quantel Paintbox, fax machines, digital cameras, laser printing and digital painting software when they very first appeared on the market. By 2008, David Hockney was drawing on the then new Apple iPhone, using the Brushes application. As a tribute, we design iHockney: a framed array of twelve iPod touches, each displaying selections of Hockney's original drawings. The interplay of these small devices displaying art in a visually strong pattern, itself framed in a traditional way really reflects the work of Mr Hockney in mixing artistic tools both old and new. iHockney is an entrancing piece and is a permanent fixture in the office of Evening Standard editor Geordie Greig.