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Hopper Invasion

Hopper Invasion

Web-controlled pneumatic grid. 

December 2009


Sony EricssonDare Digital

As part of the campaign for Sony’s launch of the Satio phone, Tinker built an adressable grid that allows 49 Space Hoppers to be inflated dynamically through the use of keywords on Twitter or through the website.

Each Space Hopper was inflated to capacity over a period of time depending on online activity, removed and replaced by a deflated Space Hopper. The whole event was streamed online 24h a day for 2 weeks from a secret location in London and users were encouraged to tweet what they would like to do with the hundreds of inflated Space Hoppers.

Building of the grid by Tinker staff was filmed live from the 16th of November, and starting on the 23rd online users were be able to use the keyword #pumpt to activate the grid and inflate the Hoppers.

Tinker was involved in all the fabrication, hardware design and software integration with Dare’s online activities.

Behind the scenes:


Matt Biddulph, web integration
Shawn Bonkowski, electronics and mechanical prototyping
John Nussey, production