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EDF Innovation Workshop

EDF Innovation Workshop

Bringing innovation practices to EDF Research & Development group. 

October 2009


EDF Research & Development


EDF R&D approached Tinker to develop rapid innovation processes across their different departments. They wanted to develop a “quick and dirty” approach to product and idea development and help develop the spirit of a start-up within a group of people who had rarely worked with each other. Tired of the traditional ideation sessions, they turned to us to help them use new dynamic methodologies and approaches. The Tinker team joined by Cefn Hoile spent 5 days embedded on location in Clamart in the EDF innovation space (EDI) working with a team of 12 people from various departments at EDF R&D.

We led them through a quick idea generating activities, identifying internal challenges and turning them into possible avenues for exploration. We then introduced them to the Arduino platform and used it to turn those ideas into functional prototypes that culminated in an internal presentation to upper management. Four different projects were presented and developed during the course of this intensive hands-on workshop